Ovens & Furnace

Hot Air Oven 250 & 400

Ovens are sturdy, with double walled construction. Inner chamber made of STAINLESS STEEL sheet. Outer chamber is made of mild steel sheet, finished with white powder coated paint. The gap between the walls is filled up with special grade glass wool or PCRC sheet for proper insulation to avoid heat losses.


Vacuum Oven

Spire Automation & Innovation offers Vacuum Oven cylindrical & Vacuum Oven Rectangular in number of sizes and range depending on your needs designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists for individual and specialized research applications.


Our vacuum oven are widely used for day to day heating and drying applications performed in various laboratories which require heating as well as vacuum applications. Vacuum prevents oxidization and decarburization due to inert atmosphere.


Muffle Furnace

Spire Automation & Innovation Muffle Furnace is light on weight and has ceramic wool insulation instead of brick insulation. Taking about the outer casting of this furnace which has been made out of double walled thick PCRC sheet, duly painted with attractive stove enamel.  Heating elements are made of Kanthal A-1 wire and backed by high temperature ceramic wool insulation, which avoids loss of energy.

It has one microprocessor based PID controller fitted in front of the furnace with two pilot lamps, apart from that this apparatus is complete with one pyrometer, thermocouple, silver thermal fuse and is being plugged with main lead. It works on 20/230Volts AC or 400/440 Volts AC as per size.


Tray Dryer

Tray dryer are instruments that are specially designed for pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, paints, textiles and many more. Tray dryer are suitable for heat treatment, baking and drying applications in Industries or Institutes engaged in the production of Vaccines, Tablets, Bottle Sterilising, Baking Breads or Biscuits, Drying Chemicals, PCB Processing, Armature Windings, Soaking electronic components like Yoke, Coils, EHT Coils, Transformers etc.

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