Optics Management

Meet the experts in optoelectronics.

At Mylab, we are experts in the emission, transmission and detection of light to create insights. With the ultimate goal of improving patient’s lives, we deliver innovative solutions that enhance the performance of diagnostic instruments, so healthcare professionals can better research and diagnose diseases and make more informed treatment decisions.

What Sets Mylab Apart?

As an optoelectronics innovator, Mylab enables in vitro diagnostics and life sciences instrument manufacturers to achieve leaps forward in measurement accuracy. We do this by building on a history of proven success and partnership with the world’s leaders in diagnostics and life sciences, a focus on solving specific challenges, and a full ecosystem approach that enables us to deliver for customers from start to finish.

Proven Performance

We have a history of proven success in areas where others have failed. It’s why we’re the preferred supplier for the worlds leading diagnostic and life sciences companies for more than a decade.

Individualized Approach

As a bespoke designer, developer and manufacturer, we’re focused on solving your specific challenges. By putting Design Thinking to use, we ensure the most precise, reliable and individualized solutions possible.

Enabling Solutions

From the design process to manufacturing, our diverse in-house capabilities and proven expertise allow us to create end-to-end optoelectronics solutions for a range of customers and applications.


Trusted global partner for customer specific optoelectronic measurement modules in IVD and Life Sciences

Seamless performance, modules enabling insight through light, from consulting and pre-development through to development, manufacturing and life-cycle management.

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