Lab Set-Up

Lab Set-up

Your lab setup is our priority

If you’re thinking about setting up a lab, you already know that in-house testing can offer benefits for both your patients and your business.

With the right expertise, the laboratory setup can be accomplished in a very cost-effective manner, and give you the specific laboratory needed to deliver these services within your practice.


Expertise you need

It is easy to get caught up in creating your “Dream” laboratory. Creating a laboratory that fits your needs and patient volume is key to making a profitable scenario.

In today’s fast-paced medical environment, Physician practices are operated as small businesses, and it can be difficult to balance patient care and the overall desired profitability of the practice. One way to increase this profitability, while improving patient outcomes, is to place an on-site laboratory within the practice. With the capabilities to process pathology in-house, the turnaround time and the ability to provide the highest level of quality possible are solely within your control. This means less time waiting on your patient’s results, faster treatment, and elimination of the chances of a specimen being lost in transit to an offsite lab.

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