Concrete Healthcare Consulting
Boosting healthcare companies to embrace an agile perspective to furnish future-ready care at the speed of life.
Precise Digital Strategies Executing visionary digital health techniques to fundamentally transform the patient's experience.
Designing your organizational process for waves of disruption, today and tomorrow.
Satisfactory Patients Experience
Keeping your customers' care at the core of building technologies and programs.

Mylab's 360° Consultation Solutions for Healthcare

From the back office to the patient’s reports, Mylab helps clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare with Insight Driven Health System. From digital health to the Internet of Health Things, our team brings in on the latest health research and trends to help healthcare companies to deliver better & affordable care.

Our Offering

We partner with clients to create insight-driven, technology-enabled solutions that improve the lives of patients, citizens and communities.
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Blood Safety

As a non-negotiable issue, Mylab provides highly accurate infection detection kits.

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Cancer Detection

We provide a highly sensitive mutation detection kit for Blood & Tissue samples.

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Infectious Diseases

Mylab infections screening kits are standardized RT-PCR assays with high accuracy

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Mylab provides a detection kit for the six most common genes mutations in a blood sample

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Veterinary Science

Mylab provides a duplex RT-PCR kit for the detection of cooked & Raw meat species

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Agro Science

Mylab offers a GMO Plant Identification kit through DNA detection in adulterants samples

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Mylab is an Indian diagnostic company that consults healthcare companies & laboratories with 360 consultations. Our expertise is in Regulatory & Validation support for Products, Set-up for testing labs with highly automated systems, Software, and complete support pre & post deliverables.​

Nothing is more emotional or critical than the truth in healthcare decisions. Healthcare is a field in permanent evolution, with a plethora of opportunities stimulating creativity, and enthusiasm, and will exploit the specialists in the field.

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